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Tractors & Plant Machinery

The development and advances in agricultural tractors and plant machinery over the past years has been very successful and as a result we are now seeing the majority of agricultural engines using the latest in common rail injection technology.

The truth is being that agricultural machinery is the largest benefactor when it comes to releasing hidden engine performance by remapping of the engine management system (ECU).

This is mainly due to the large capacity engines fitted to these plant machines this allows us to produce a tremendous amounts of extra torque & tractability which, when it comes to farming and transportation of heavy machinery this is exactly what is needed to provide the best drivability along with maximum fuel efficiency.

With the manufacturers adopting the same principals that car and light commercial vehicle manufacturers do, by using modular engines to reduce production costs, you can sometimes benefit from buying a cheaper lower output variant and unlocking the true engine potential by an ECU software upgrade.

We are also able to offer EGR, DPF and AdBlue solutions for most agricultural vehicles also.

If you require any further information regarding you agricultural vehicle please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help you with you inquiry.