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Service / DPF Delete / Removal

Vehicle DPF Delete / Removal

  • Less Turbo Lag
  • Increased Performance
  • Increased efficiency (MPG)
  • Reduced Maintenance Cost

All modern diesel cars are now fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) this is part of American and Asian regulations that will becoming into force within the EU in 2014 / 2015. They are designed to catch carbon that travels through the exhaust, to empty the filter a regeneration process will start this making your vehicle over fuel, burning off the carbon at very high temperatures producing ash.

The filter then will become filled with ash and at this point the car will go into limp mode and give an ECU fault. This is a known problem in the industry that no solution has been found other than replacing the filter which have excessive costs.

This can happen at any point after a mileage of 50,000, depending on how the car is driven, meaning the DPF may require replacing more than once. We offer a complete removal of the filter itself and a remap to stop the engine ever regenerating again and producing troublesome codes we also guarantee that your vehicle will pass MOT.

Although the benefits of a DPF first appear good, especially for the vehicle manufacturers who can claim remarkable emission figures, they do have some major disadvantages to the customer:

Reduced MPG

Blocked filters increase the exhaust back pressure causing the vehicle to work harder in order to dispense of its exhaust fumes. Regeneration is the process that burns off the captured particulate, there are many methods for achieving this, but during regeneration, this will reduce MPG and performance.

Increased maintenance

Filters require a lot more maintenance than catalytic converters. Engine oil deposits build up on the surface of the inlet face of the filter, and eventually clogs the pores. This increases the pressure drop over the filter, which when reaches 3.6 pounds per square inch (25 kPa) or higher this is capable of causing damage to the engine. Regular filter maintenance is a necessity.


The maintenance alone will increase running costs, however replacement filters are extremely expensive a replacement filter on a BMW 3.0D retails at £1297.52

At West Coast Remaps, we now offer a DPF removal / delete service – Replacing the DPF unit alone with an aftermarket bypass pipe is not enough as the ECU will still try and initiate regeneration. Not only this, the removal of the DPF unit will cause an engine management malfunction showing a light to be displayed on the dash, therefore, in order to prevent this the ECU map has to be altered to compensate for the change is hardware. We are able to remap your ECU to prevent regeneration and engine management lights from as little as £399, or why not couple the DPF delete with a performance remap from the same amazing price, call all out fee may apply.

We can modify most DPF units and remove the restricting filters, this service is sold as OFF ROAD USE ONLY.

Please contact us with your requirements and we can suggest the best DPF removal option for you. DPF Filter removal on some vehicles is not a mobile service.